Aktif Harmonik Filtreler

FN 3420 / FN 3430 ECOsine™ Active Harmonic Filters (3/4 Wire)

ECOsine™ Active is the new generation of active harmonic filters (AHF). It reliably mitigates harmonics and compensates voltage dips as well as reactive power. ECOsine™ Active improves power quality in real time.

ECOsine™ Active's functionality can be compared to waves in the ocean: If two waves of the same height and intensity meet, they cancel each other out. The same principle can be applied also to power networks. The AHF analyzes network disturbances and provides an opposing compensation current. In doing so, ECOsine™ Active actively adapts to fluctuations and responds in less than half a millisecond. Its compact dimensions, simple installation, and digital intelligence allow for a quick and straight forward integration in the most diverse applications.

  • Ultra-fast: ECOsine™ Active responds to disturbances in less than 300μs and eliminates them before they can cause damage.
  • Super-compact: The smallest 30A filter is handy, small, and easy to install, and also the 300A cabinet unit provides the highest performance in the most compact package.
  • Optimized for maintenance: Thanks to its design, the central modules in the 200 to 300A industrial models can be removed in less than 15 minutes (MTTR).
  • Suitable for industrial use: With the IP54 protection class ECOsine™ Active is resistant to dust and other environmental influences.
  • Numerous options: The ECOsine™ Active range covers specifications from 30 to 300A and 400 to 480V in either 3 or 4-wire technology.
  • Adaptive: ECOsine™ Active compensates for individual disturbance patterns in a targeted manner and automatically adapts to changing network topologies.