Capacitor Protection Relay (KSR)

Capacitor Protection Relay KSR

Multi-function capacitor protecting relay for unbalanced supervision of 3-phase capacitor banks in doublestar connection (current unbalance supervision)

  • User guidance with plain text menu
  • Measurement data displayed on large LCD display with backlight
  • Harmonics measurement up to the 63. harmonic for voltage and current
  • Connected to voltage tranformers also suitable for higher voltages
  • Integration in networks possible via interface RS485 Modbus RTU (optional)
  • Flexible alarm system enables supervision of up to 32 measurement values
  • Output relays can be programmed for external alarm
  • Voltage measuring mains: 50 – 530V, 45 – 65Hz
  • Current measuring unbalance supervision: 4 x 50mA – 5A, suitable for
    CT x/1A and x/5A
  • Connection with screw terminals
  • Instrument casing for cutout 144 x 144mm, depth 49mm
  • Protection class IP20 (casing), IP50 (Front)

  Further information, optional parts and supplies (PDF; 200kb)