Power Factor Control Relay (BLR-CM)

Power Factor Control Relay BLR-CM

Mikroprocessor controlled power factor controller with 1-phase measurement system and display of measurement values

  • Full-automatic c/k-value setting, self adapting (not possible for dynamic steps), connection of different capacitor step sizes possible
  • Automatic detection and usage of the optimum capacitor step
  • Manual mode possible
  • Multiple connection types possible through adjustable phase compensation angle
  • Capable for 4-quadrant operating
  • Individually configurable discharging time allows quicker switching time
  • 1-phase measurement system also suitable for non-sinusodial currents and voltages
  • Graphical LCD for display of step status, measurement values and system data
  • Measurement display for U, I, P, Q, S, THD U, THD I, ΔQ, F, T
  • Harmonics measurement for voltage and current up to the 31. order
  • Counter for active and reactive work
  • Flexible alarm system with up to 15 alarms
  • Programmable digital input and digital output
  • Programmable alarm relay with voltfree c/o contact
  • Supply voltage 115/230V, 45-65Hz, other voltages on request
  • Voltage measuring 50 – 530V, 45 – 65Hz
  • Current measuring 15mA – 5A, suitable for CT x/1A und x/5A
  • Connecting with pluggable screw terminals
  • Instrument casing for cutout 144 x 144mm, depth 49mm
  • Protection class IP20 (casinge), IP50 (front)

  Further information, optional parts and supplies (PDF; 110kb)