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Silcopac is a high performance compact three-phase AC/DC thyristor converter.
Operation with two and four quadrants, high dynamic response, ease of
customization  and full digital control make Silcopac the ideal solution for any type of industrial DC application, from the simplest to the most complex.
Silcopac has been designed for use in industrial environments and is the answer to the application requirements of the steel, paper, concrete, naval and industrial sectors in general.
The Silcopac product lines consist of the following:



Besides being easy to use, the Silcopac converters feature:
• non sensitivity to network frequency and input phase rotation
• cheking of the status of the drive at power on and tachogenerator connections 
• converter configuration without the need for special tools 
• automatic calibration, thanks to the auto-tuning function
• display of the main variables and failures 
• recording of the main variables..

Both the hardware and software of the Silcopac converters can be configured to respond to the system requirements; namely, the software is available for standard and special applications:
• E: advanced version for standard applications 
• S-L-M-R-F: for special applications such as
   - Ward-Leonard
   - Spindle
   - Accurate slip and others.

Hardware options: Keypad, serial communication boards, motor field exciters, and others


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